Meet the largest uninhabited island of the Aegean

Polyaigos is the largest uninhabited island in the Aegean and has an area of ​​17 square kilometres. It is located just one nautical mile to the southeast of Kimolos and has a maximum length of 6 km, a maximum width of 4 km and a circumference of about 27 km. It is mainly used as grazing land which is the origin of the name "Polyaigos", from the Greek "πολλές αίγες” meaning "lots of goats."!

Part of the island belongs to the "Odigitria" Church on Kimolos, and it is said that most of the island is part of the legacy of IoannisStavrouLogothetis.

The island used to be inhabited in the past.14 people lived there in 1951 and it is mentioned that even further back the island was home to 170 people. Nowadays,only one couple who workas livestock breeders live there.

There has been alighthouse on the island since 1898. It isat Cape Maskoula which is 138 m above sea level and ison the east side of the island. The lighthouse is now automatic, and today its signalcan be seen from 22 miles away. It takes 20 minutes to climb up to the lighthouse and the view from up there is indescribable!

There are five beaches on the island; PanagiaBeach, Faros Beach, Pano Mersini, Kato Mersini and Galazia Nera.

Greece included Polyaigos in the European UnionNatura 2000 programme as it is an important habitat which is undisturbed by the presence of humans. Mediterranean seals,MonachusMonachus give birth to their pups on the island.

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