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Today most of the residents of Kimolos live in the island’s capital, Chora. Because Kimolos often fell victim to pirate raids, the village was built like a labyrinth to confuse the invaders.

You can visit the Archaeological Museum which houses finds from the excavations in the “Hellinika” area and admire the remarkable exhibits. The museum’s crystal, transparent floor is also very impressive and you can walk along it and see a reconstruction of an ancient burial. It’s also worth visiting the Folklore Museum which is located in the kastro (castle), and walking around the gates which bear the date of their restoration since the castle was set on fire in 1638.

Do not forget to visit Skiadi (huge stone mushroom), Hellinika with the ancient tombs on the beach and the sunken town on the seabed, the Prasa area, where there are hot springs, and Goupa, a picturesque bay with a natural swimming pool.



Kimolos is famous for its beautiful, small beaches which offer a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere for visitors.

In Mavrospilia you can watch the sunset, in Rema and Karas you can have fun diving from the rocks, in Bonatsa – Kalamitsi you can play with the kids in the sand (ideal for young kids) and in Prasa you can enjoy the white sand.

Also, don’t forget to visit the north coast of the island (Soufi, Monastiria, Therma, Spilia of Gerakia) and nearby Polyaigos (Pano Mersini, Kato Mersini, Galazia Nera, Faros Beach). You can climb up to the lighthouse but it is not a particularly easy route (a climb of 138 meters in approximately 20 minutes).

However, the view from the lighthouse is breathtaking and unforgettable!!!


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